Kidproof Online Babysitter Training Program


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The Kidproof Babysitters Online Training program allows you to take the same great and FAMOUS class, in the comfort of your home and at your own schedule!

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Kidproof Babysitter Training Program

This is our most famous program and one of the top Babysitter Training programs in North America! Over 80,000 kids have participated in the Kidproof Babysitter Program over the last decade.

Kidproof U Online Courses are adapted from our famous in-class programs and are held to the highest standards.

Section One:  Becoming a Great Babysitter

In this section, you will learn:

  • The legal age to babysit
  • How to decide how much to charge
  • How to get a babysitting job
  • How to prepare for an interview

Once you have completed this section, you should know the legal age to babysit; what your responsibilities are; how to safely seek a babysitting job; interview successfully; and understand the client’s expectations when hiring a babysitter.


Section Two: Preparing for Your Babysitting Job

After completing this section, you should know how to prepare for a babysitting job, understand how to fill out the proper questionnaire forms, and know why they are so important. You will understand your strengths and limitations and be able to select the right babysitting job for you.


Section Three:  Caring for Kids of All Ages

By the end of this section, you should be able to plan a babysitting day with activities that are appropriate and safe for the needs of the children. You will know appropriate toys, food, and games to play depending on the ages of the children. You will learn how to diaper an infant, and how to safely feed, change, and care for an infant.


Section Four: Safety

At the end of this section, you will be able to identify specific hazards that are related to each age group, and how to prevent an accident from occurring. You will learn what an emergency is, and how to safely respond to one. You will also understand when it is necessary to call Emergency Services and what information to give to the dispatcher.

You will be able to identify different kinds of hazards found inside and outside the home. You will also know how to safely respond to strangers, unwanted guests, and phone calls. This section will encourage you to use your instincts and pay attention to details that send warning signals that danger may be close by.

You will also learn what to do in a situation of child abuse or neglect and identify who to turn to for help.


Section Five:  Babysitters First Aid

After completing this section, you will be knowledgeable on the most common types of childhood injuries and how to safely respond to them. You will learn how to identify and respond to First Aid issues like choking, burns, cuts, head injuries, insect bites, and allergies. You will learn how to complete a safety check, and the importance of an emergency contact sheet.

What is Included?

All students have immediate access to all of the benefits of Kidproof U and Online Learning.  This includes:

  • Kidproof Babysitters eHandbook (pdf)
  • Interactive quizzes and activities throughout
  • Stop and start at any time
  • Up to six months to complete
  • Personalized Certificate after Successful Completion
  • Personal Teacher for help when needed
  • Access to Kidproof’s world class education content
  • Run time 130 minutes

What Technology Do I Need?

Access is easy!  All you need is:

Important Information

You are registering for one (1) student to observe/participate in the Kidproof Babysitter Training Program.

You are required to have one (1) course purchased for each participant.

If you have more than one child/student please ensure you purchase enough course enrollments.

Single Use Only

Single User Rights

Kidproof Online Training Programs are for Single Use only. This means that the purchaser of the certification (or their named designate) is the ONLY person permitted to train in and use the information in the materials.

Entire contents ©2017 is owned by Kidproof Safety®. Permission is not granted for multiply users, system wide training, or reproduction of materials.

Sharing of any Kidproof education materials without extended licensing is strictly prohibited and a direct infringement of copyright.

Every student must purchase and complete their individual training program.


Discounts available for multiple users
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Kidproof Safety International

Returns and Shipping

All Online Courses are Final and Non-Refundable.

Kidproof is not responsible for low or unstable internet connection, or custom configurations on your Operating System that may cause a delay in the delivery of the programs.  If you are unable to view the program, please check the troubleshooting or email with a request.

Often, it is the internet connection of Firewall installed on your computer.


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